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Bike Of The Day – Honda CD 175

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When buying a second hand vehicle, it’s often handy to know the mileage, as it can help to give an indication of the amount of wear and tear you can expect on the major components, such as the engine and suspension. This bike has done approximately 16 miles per year, on average….

Hang on, how many?!! Yep, according to the seller, this bike is showing as having done just 643 miles in its entire lifetime. Jeez, that’s not even run in, is it?

Apparently, this particular Honda has only ever ben taxed once and never been for an MOT. Incredible, really.

Although years of storage have had some effect, this one’s well worth a look. It appears to be a nice, honest example and, as far as bike projects go, should be relatively straight forward.

Let’s just hope the next owner uses her a bit more than the last!

For sale – Honda CD 175
Listing ended – Please see below for similar

Honda CD175