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What a find! How often do you see a 40-year old new, old stock motorbike for sale? In fact, how often do you see anything that’s 40-years old and virtually untouched? This is one of those  rare occasions and, because the bike’s being sold by auction, we’ll get a true idea of what the market says it’s worth…

From the seller: “Offered for sale is my 1982 Yamaha RD250LC. This is a very rare opportunity to acquire a genuine zero mile, new old stock bike that has never been registered. The bike was found in a barn in Athens, Greece. It was purchased from a collector who purchased it from the ex owner of a motorcycle shop. What’s interesting about the bike is that it is in UK specification with MPH clock; we think it was originally destined for the UK, but was maybe supplied by Yamaha to the dealer in Greece due to EU spec stock availability issues at the time.

It is 100% as it left the factory. The tool kit, owners manual, and battery connecting lead are still stowed under the seat where they have been for just shy of 40 years. Every nut and bolt is untouched. There isn’t a screwdriver or spanner mark to be found anywhere. The brake disc has surface rust, but it is obvious it has never been used, there is no wear or scoring. The motor isn’t seized, and the throttle valves are free. There is surface rust but nothing is rotten. No attempt has been made to start the bike. I can’t bring myself to put a spanner on it because of a fear of spoiling it. Yes the elements haven’t been kind to it and if it were to be used on the road it would require considerable work; but find another one. From a collectors point of view it is a very special bike.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here