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1970 Solex Flash 50cc

There’s something cool about about an old moped and this little French gem from 1970 is no exception. If you’re looking for a little runaround, this may be the perfect project.

From the seller: “For sale ultra rare 1970 Solex Flash 50cc moped for restoration, this moped stood for a very long time as you can tell from the terrible state of the tires, hence the engine seized, but i was told it used to be a runner.

I had never seen one before, it was produced in France from ’69 to ’71, and i doubt there is many still existing today, this one is the De luxe model, with front suspension and drum brake, the standard model had no suspension at all and had bycicle type brakes, was very futuristic for that era, had rear disc brake and propshaft drive (never seen a moped with this type of transmission), it also has pedals to start it with a chain on the right side, it can also be used as a bycicle as the propshaft (on the left side) can be disengaged with a lever. ”

For sale on eBay –> Click here