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Kawasaki KMX 200

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From the seller: “Genuine barn find from the Greek island of Crete. The bike has been ridden and all seems to work, the battery is flat now however as I don’t have a charger out here. From what I can see its only missing two parts. Indicators, (switch and loom present) and an air pipe connecting the air box to the carb. It does run and ride however. It comes with one key.

The engine sounds good, it moves through the gears well. The forks are straight. The frame looks solid with no repairs or damage, it has been hand painted silver unfortunately though and looks prettier in the photos than up close. There’s no rust to mention other than the very light surface rust on the wheel spokes.

The tank has a dent in the top and some decals are scratched.

Both tyres are old. The rear one is bald. Both wheels are in good condition and the section I cleaned came up really well.

The chain doesn’t look bad, the rear sprocket is a little hooked over so a new one recommended.

The seat is mostly really nice but has a small tear in the right hand side near the Kawasaki branding.”

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