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Yamaha YZR 30 SW Pocket Bike for sale

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From the seller: “You may have never seen one of these before and even if you have you may not have much information on them . I have done some research but not a lot has come up . Here is what I have found out .
The YAMAHA YZR 30 SW was built by SUNWARD INTERNATIONAL INC. a partner company of YAMAHA in the late 1970s the YZR 30 SX came a little later in the early 1980s and had slight differences to the SW , one being the spark plug cap being on the right hand side in a cut out of the fairing and a rear brake fluid pot on the left bar. I have seen a later SX with the frame number E04020 and the SW I am selling has frame number E00737 so guessing there were less than 4000 early SW versions made ? maybe a lot less than 4000 ?

The bike is a 1/16th scale nod to the great YAMAHA TZ 750 Road racer”

Sold for £1900 –> Search eBay for Yamaha YZR