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Ducati Motor Holding and Locman have announced a major partnership to produce high-tech watches, their originality and exclusiveness enhanced by the involvement of the Bologna-based motorcycle brand.

Locman’s long-standing watch-making expertise makes it the perfect partner for a project that pivots around outstanding technology and quality. Thanks to heavy investment in the research and development of innovative composite materials, such as carbon and titanium, Locman has built up a wealth of know-how that has resulted in cutting-edge products of unmatched design.

“Locman’s unique spirit makes it perfect for a dynamic partnership that combines the technological excellence of two companies, both leaders in their respective sectors”, commented Alessandro Cicognani, Ducati Licensing and Corporate Partnership Director. “The products we’re co-developing interpret, through design and innovative materials, the uniqueness of the Ducati brand.”

“We’re very excited about this new challenge”, stated Marco Mantovani, President of Locman, “not just because of the prestige of Ducati, whose technical personnel and designers are among the world’s best, but also because, right from the very first meetings, we’ve shared the same passion for quality and manufacturing excellence”.

“I also believe”, added Mantovani, “that alliances and synergies between Italian companies offer enormous added value; it’s important to break away from the individualist approach that often penalises our economy. On international markets, the best way to produce a winning Italy is to join forces”.

Ducati watches will be launched on the market in January 2018 and will be available from major jewellery outlets internationally.

This Licensing agreement was procured by IMG, Ducati Motor Holding’s exclusive Licensing agency.