Bike Of The Day – 1976 Honda SS50


Fancy a little project? How about this Honda SS50?

The seller bought this years ago to restore but, like so may project bikes, it just got tucked away and all but forgotten about.

He does state that the engine turns over, but appears to have little or no compression, so it will require a rebuild.

The bike itself doesn't look in too bad condition. The chrome is a bit rusty, the front brake is seized, some of the rubber bits and pieces have perished and the exhaust will probably need replacing. Sounds a lot when you say it, but it isn't really.

Click the link or photo below and you'll see what we mean. The bike is complete and about the only thing missing is the original tool kit. Reckon you could find one on Ebay?

These little 50's are great fun and this shouldn't be beyond the capabilities of a hobbyist mechanic, so give it a look, even if you've never restored a bike before. Everyone has to start somewhere....

For sale - 1976 Honda SS50
On Ebay here → Honda SS50


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