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Bike Of The Day – Raleigh Chopper MK1

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Some barn find bikes don’t have an engine…..well, unless you count your little legs going nineteen to the dozen!

Today, we thought we’d feature a bike that many people of a certain age will remember. I’m a 70’s child and never had a Raleigh Chopper. My mate did (damn you, Dean Mason, you had all the best toys!!!). It was the cool bike to end cool bikes at the time. Everyone loved them, and many still do, judging by the prices they fetch.

With their distinctive seats and handlebars, and that absolutely uber-cool gear stick, Raleigh Choppers still look cool today.

This particular bike has been listed a couple of times previously and the seller states that they’ve been messed about. Why do people do that? If you want it, bid. If you don’t, don’t bid. It really is that simple! These bikes are a great investment, but I guess the bidding was a bit higher than they had hoped for and they bottled it afterwards….or the other half found out and reminded them who wears the trousers in that particular household!

This Raleigh Chopper will take a bit of work. It looks like it’s been well used and patched up in the past. That said, it’s in better condition than a lot we’ve seen before and you’d be amazed at how many ‘new old stock’ parts crop up on Ebay, so why not give it a look?

One day, when I haven’t got so many other projects on the go, I WILL buy a Raleigh Chopper for myself and be the cool kid I dreamed of being! I just hope prices don’t keep rising like they do in the meantime…

For sale – Raleigh Chopper MK1
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Raleigh Chopper MK1 For Sale

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