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Bike Of The Day – Yamaha FS1E

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What is it about the Yamaha FS1E, or ‘Fizzy’, that makes grown men go weak at the knees? Every time we post one on our Facebook page, people go mad for it!

The seller of this particular Fizzy isn’t sure if it’s a 1977 or 1978 model. As there’s no number plate or V5, you’d need to find out via the VIN, I guess.

Although the seat is missing, believe it or not, this bike started and ran with a bit of petrol in the carb, so it shouldn’t take that long to get her roadworthy!

The seller says they’ll give a receipt, so that a log book can be applied for. We’d advise making sure you’ve got that before spending any more money on her, but once that’s sorted, which way would you go – full nut and bolt restoration, or just get her MOT’d and rev the proverbials off her?!!

Check out the Ebay listing by clicking on the link or photo below to see the rest of the photos and to, maybe, place a bid…

For sale – Yamaha FS1E