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GAC Mobylette Campera

The 1970’s were a time of great change in the world of transportation, and the GAC Mobylette Campera was one of the standout vehicles of the era. Designed by French manufacturer Motobécane, the Campera was a small, two-wheeled motorbike that combined the convenience of a bicycle with the power and efficiency of a motorized engine. The Campera quickly gained a following in Europe and beyond, and it remains an iconic example of 1970’s design and engineering.

One of the most distinctive features of the Campera was its compact size. Measuring just 1.5 meters long and 0.6 meters wide, the Campera was small enough to navigate narrow streets and crowded city centers with ease. At the same time, it was powered by a robust two-stroke engine that gave it a top speed of around 40 kilometers per hour. This made the Campera an ideal vehicle for urban commuters who needed to get around quickly and efficiently.

The Campera was also notable for its rugged construction. With its sturdy steel frame, the Campera was able to handle rough terrain and inclement weather with ease. This made it a popular choice for people who needed to travel off-road or in challenging conditions. Additionally, the Campera’s lightweight design made it easy to carry on public transportation or store in small spaces, further adding to its versatility and practicality.

Despite its modest size and power, the Campera was also designed with comfort in mind. Its ergonomically designed seat provided a comfortable riding position, while its large wheels and shock absorbers ensured a smooth ride even over rough terrain. The Campera’s spacious storage compartment also made it possible to carry groceries, luggage, or other items with ease.

Over the years, the GAC Mobylette Campera has become a beloved classic of 1970’s design. Its distinctive styling, rugged construction, and practical features continue to inspire admiration and nostalgia among collectors and enthusiasts. For anyone interested in the history of transportation or the evolution of design, the Campera is a must-see example of a unique and innovative vehicle that helped to define an era.

Our Own GAC Mobylette Campera

Our own Campera is a 1972 model and came to us in great running condition, but was not registered in the UK and had a broken headlight. Registering the bike was a fairly simple process and an age-related plate was issued. The headlight was sourced cheaply from overseas and the Campera is now used regularly in the fairer weather. The addition of a modern(ish) ammunition box on the back means that it’s a handy moped to nip to the shops on! The bike sounds and smells gorgeous, too….Castrol R really is worth every penny!