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1979 Honda CB250N with just 896 miles

From the seller: “1979 Honda CB250N

Super low mileage, just 896 miles from new. Please read the full description carefully.

When I bought this bike it had 82 miles on it. A check of the DVLA site showed that it had never had an MOT test. Because of this and the condition of consumables like the original tyres and brake pads I believe the mileage to be true.

When I bought the bike it had been standing outside for a few years hence the surface rust on parts of the frame and some chrome parts. As always pictures probably make it look a little better than it is.

To re-commission the bike I did the following…

  • Replaced the front forks with a nice pair with no rust on the stanchions.
  • Replaced the rear shock absorbers with some aftermarket ones.
  • Replaced the fuel tank. The original was rotten inside. The replacement needs repainting but it is solid and clean inside*
  • Replaced the chain with a heavy duty one. The original had rusted. Sprockets were fine having only done 82 miles.
  • Replaced the front mudguard with the expensive more authentic one from David Silver
  • New spark plugs and coils, again from David Silver.
  • Replaced the tachometer. The original is available but it is sluggish, presumably from standing all those years.
  • Stripped and cleaned the carbs.
  • Refurbished the front brake including master cylinder and fresh brake fluid.
  • Changed the engine oil and filter. Both changed again within the last hundred miles.
  • Now replaced the exhaust heat shields (new ones shown in pics one and two only).”

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