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1984 Honda XR200R Enduro – Unregistered US Import

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From the seller: “This well respected and much sought-after 1984 Honda XR200R Enduro has recently been imported from North America where it has spent all its life – the climate is far kinder to motorcycles than ours.

The single most important purchase for a classic restoration project is the bike to restore, whether it’s going to be a commercial venture or just a hobby interest it all starts here!.

PLEASE CHECKOUT THE PICTURES……..As you can see this bike has got a few bits missing, a few bits damaged/broken & a few bits are very nice indeed.

The wheels look straight with fairly clean alloy rims, good hubs & brake plates. Forks & yokes look straight. Mudguards are both solid. Carburettors looks clean. The engine is cosmetically clean but just sitting loose in the frame. Sadly it is seized & the cylinder hear is just loosely fitted, we have not inspected the engine internally, so we have no idea why/how it has seized.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here