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Honda Rebel 250 CMX

From the seller: “Here we have a Honda Rebel 250 CMX (250cc), which my father used to ride for his commute to work before giving up as my brother and I were growing up. It has since been stored in our garden shed for the past 18 years and was last on the road circa 2002-2003.

Since our father gave the bike to us, we had the intention of restoring it but never got round to it. As we don’t ride motorcycles either, we decided to sell it and clear out the shed – once and for all!

Given it has been in the shed for 18 years, work will be required to restore it and make it rideable. Therefore, I’ve listed it here with no reserve and as ‘spares/repairs’ in the hope that an enthusiastic person with knowledge of motorcycles can get it back on the road!”

For sale on eBay –> Click here