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1978 Honda CB125

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From the seller: “1978 Honda CB125 project bike

Nice winter project here – been in from the states (California) for a couple of months but i’ve literally only just had a chance to have a look at this one.

It’s in exactly the condition that i brought it back from the states in.

could not find the ignition switch so i powered the coil directly with a 12v battery & kicked it over – she sparks and has compression

I’ve managed to get the bike running – it fired with the choke & ran for maybe 10 seconds with no choke on but then it died – it runs for a bit then dies, it’s either an ignition timing issue OR just needs a good carb clean.

for me having it run is enough for me as it’s run, the engine needs a full service and everything on the bike needs to be gone through.

selects all gears but does not have a chain on so not been able to do a proper check.

bike in generally good condition for a 78 125″

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