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1984 Honda CR500

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From the seller: “1984 Honda CR500 – restore or twinshock conversion project

The mighty air cooled Honda CR500 – 1 year only model

These bikes are awesome – a lot of them are being converted to twinshock race bikes – modify the frame, new swingarm & find a drum braked front wheel.

They are mega competitive which twinshocked so if you are a twinshock racer these things are a real force to be reckoned with.

if you aren’t a twinshock racer then keeping it stock will no doubt pay dividends in the long run as more and more of these are being converted.

was hoping to get this running – mega compression (watch the video) & sparks but then i discovered the inlet manifold was torn badly so thats not going to happen.

the other bad bit is the rear linkage is corroded badly – if you are converting to twinshock then thats no problem but if not then you will need a replacement.

tank looks good – pipe has a few minor dents, has the air scoops etc etc.. lots & lots of good stuff on this bike.

no chain on the bike but does select all gears.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here