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Honda VFR400

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From the seller: “Here we have my vfr400 which i bought as a project but not getting round to it and just don’t have the time

The person before me picked this up from a barn where it had been sitting for a long time, there was even a mouse living under the tank, the bike does need some bits to get up and running, the carbs will need stripping down and it now needs a new intake manifold and air box etc

Apart from the above its all there and completely standard and original, cleans up nice and would be a lovely bike with a little attention

Just to clear i am selling this as a non-runner and it will need to be recovered in a van or truck, its quite hard to push also just where its been sitting a long time things are a little stiff

I have put power to the bike and all electrics seem good just haven’t tried to turn it over in case i done any damage where the carbs need sorting

Be a great project for someone who has more time than me”

For sale on eBay –> Click here