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2x Yamaha RD200

From the seller: “Up for sale I have 2 Yamaha RD200s which I bought earlier in the year as part of a job lot but they’re not really my thing so just looking to sell to get my space back.

As you can see from the pictures they are a pretty sorry state I don’t really know if they’re worth doing anything with or if they’re parts bikes really. What is in the pictures is what is there for them I have nothing else for them that’s everything, obviously there is lots of parts missing for them and a lot of parts may be unusable or non genuine make the decision yourself.

What I do know about them is; there is no keys for either of them, the one in the first half of pictures the back wheel is locked so doesn’t roll freely the other one does, I have latest up to date v5s for both of them in my name. They had lay in an open front barn for years before I got them this is exactly how I got them haven’t done a thing with them.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here