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1979 Yamaha IT400 project – **VIDEO**

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From the seller: “You always get a lot of bike for your money with Yamaha, reliable, not too bad to get spares for, fast, handle well & look the part.

So i’ve had this one here for a while now – i had planned to make it a good rider and do a few enduros on it like the snow run but then i’ve got injured and also have a couple of other bikes here i’d like to do those events on.

so this one has a missing fuel tank & airbox but other than that what is there seems in good working condition.

frame is in good nick, the wheels are not dented, brake plates not smashed, everything is in good order.

looks like the exhaust has been welded at some point but thats not the end of the world.

the bike runs and rides (bags of power and stops good too) – see the video”

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