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Suzuki GS550E

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From the seller: “June 1980 Suzuki GS550E. MOT and tax exempt, plus believed to be one registered owner (before me) from new. That I’m aware of, it’s a UK supplied bike from new.

Engine starts second or third go and runs, plus sounds well ticking over.

It runs from the petrol in the tank and doesn’t need ‘Easy Start’ to fire up.

Electrics and brakes work, tyres still hold air.

Electrics (i.e the lights and electric start) all seem to work, though I can’t find a horn switch, unless it is that odd after-market switch on the handlebars, but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

No attempt has been made to rev it too high and I would imagine it’ll need a good service (oil, filter, plugs, carb clean etc) before being used in anger.

The clutch appears to be stuck, though there is movement on the lever/cable. Obviously it cannot be ridden due to this but, as said, the engine starts and it sounds well ticking over.

Included with the bike is a full (Polaris?) fairing, which is presently not fitted, ditto a top box and rack.”

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