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Yamaha FS1E

From the seller: “Here’s my fizzy for auction. I have owned it for 15 yrs & to be honest it’s just been sat in the garage gathering dust & I’ve come to the conclusion I won’t do anything with it.

I drained the tank when I put it away & sprayed ACF50 in the tank so there is zero rust in there. I pulled it out last week, gave the carb a quick clean, fitted a remote fuel tank (as I don’t want to wash the acf50 from the fuel tank) & it went second kick & ran like a dream.

It is in generally good nick, please see pics as they tell the story.

It is by no means a basket case, like many that are listed.

To be honest you could just give it a polish & use it as is or go for a full restoration.

It has no indicators or rear pegs, other than that everything is there. V5 is present & in my name.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here